Street harassment

      It is Friday evening and I am about to leave office, with a very happy wallet since the month has ended so now opting to pass by downtown Kampala through an open Market to get myself some nice T-shirts and High waste jeans. I have been looking forward for the day to end so I can grab my self the long-desired outfits. I love dressing up and looking good because it makes me feel better even when the day is not brighter though I think every girl does.
The moment I get the off the taxi, across the road I spot this nice black T-shirt and at heart am now thankful to God for the miracle of saving me the hustle of having to take so long while searching. You know how town hunt can be tiresome especially for girls. Kampala girls you feel my pain. I make a move to approach the gentle man who is selling but I realize I have to pass via very many stalls before getting to him, yes, I see the crowd but it was least expected that I was going to go through this.

      When I got into the crowd it happened to seem like all eyes were on me, started hearing names being called out but particularly not mine. Sister, Nyabo, Sexy others whistling, and at the back of my mind I am wondering who they are calling in particular!!! Two men grab me by the hand asking me to at least buy a commodity from them, politely I tell them I had spotted what I wanted and was heading to get it, upon that even before I realized they were dragging me and throwing all sorts of insults, I try hard to pull away from the masculine energetic men. I am surprised by the other crowd that joins in not to defend, but to even insult more. Very pissed and confused as I was, I thought to myself silence would be a better solution because they seemed so determined to insult. To them it is called complementary, and what makes it so sad is the authorities that cannot stand for their citizens. On 24th September, 2013, Youth Affairs Minister Ronald Kibuule was recorded and quoted in national media saying that women who dressed indecently are asking to be raped and suspects who have raped such women should be released. This makes me feel devastated and wonder how women should defend themselves in such situations.

At the end of it all, I am so eager to know
1) Has one of you been in the same experience before?
2) Let’s hear from Men what do you think about such acts?
3) How can women defend themselves? Is it by silence!
4) If women had a chance to respond to these men, what would they say to them?
5) Why is it that when sexual harassment occurs, people tend to blame women on it?
6) Do how you dress speak more of who you are?
You can actively engage by commenting on the page. Thank you!
Your feedback matters a lot.


You got to get up You got to get up and make a move ‘Cause the world will never see you until you do No, they don’t really care what you’re going through So you got to show them, baby You got to show them the real you You got to give them what you’ve got No, don’t let them see what you’re not ‘Cause you are strong, you are wise You are worth beyond the thousand reasons why And you can’t be perfect, baby ‘Cause nobody’s perfect, darling But, no, no, no, there’s nobody in the world like you What do you do when you can’t let go? What do you say when you just don’t know how you feel? And you know nobody knows how you feel ‘Cause everybody’s got their own damn problem So everybody’s trying to find their way And day by day is the struggle In this world you know you have to hustle Just know that you’re not alone You don’t always have to be strong all by yourself I said, it’s okay to ask for help Now listen, people will find you, but they don’t define you And you will find people who’ll help redesign you People will find you, but they don’t define you And you will find people who’ll help redesign you You are a work of art Bet you didn’t think you’d come this far Now here you are Baby, you are strong, you are wise You are worth beyond the thousand reasons why And you can’t be perfect, baby ‘Cause nobody’s perfect darling But, no, no, no, there’s nobody in the world like you You know you’re worth it, ’cause you know that you can’t be perfect, baby ‘Cause nobody’s perfect, darling I love you just the way that you are I love you just the way that you are, my love It’s like the stars in the sky, oh, when you look in my eyes . #MORNING INSPIRATIN FROM TATIANA.

Protective style

Hey lovelies, missed everyone in very huge portions and hope you guys are doing so great. so today I looked into the dangers of wearing your hair out for a long period of time together with the different weather conditions. I opted for a protective style.

I believe with protective styling your giving your hair some rest away from over manipulation and the harsh weather conditions.

Trust me this benefits you in away. You may ask how?

over manipulation drains your hair and this can cause breakage, some thing you’re not ready to deal with.

protective styling helps you gain more length and volume since now you have kept your hair way from overstyling,direct sunshine and the daily dirt.

And lastly who does not enjoy doing different hair styles, I am so deeply in love with my Natural hair, bah hey i love rocking braids too😊

Relaxed vs Natural

The hardest decision to ever make is looking in the mirror ,seeing that length n then bigchoping to go natural. it’s a struggle ,mixed feelings different reactions from all kinds of people. But hey I personally love the Results everyday that goes by n have no regrets.

The morning rush.

Hey guys, good to be writing to you again i truthfully  love doing it.  I don’t know about the others but when it comes to me, i am usually troubled by keeping time in the morning hours of rushing to work. I am the kind of person that has this bad habit of extending the alarm when it is finally time to wake up and this is accompanied by the natural hair routine that sometimes comes along with it .

Today i come with a simple and official look that i rocked on Tuesday. I find it so simple and time saving yet smart and beautiful.

joan fro 2

Steps followed to attain the fabulous look.

  1. Moisturized  my hair with water.
  2. Applied world of curls gel.
  3. Combed from the roots to give the  hair volume.
  4. Pinned the sides .

That wasn’t difficult at all. Looking forward to seeing YOU rock it.