Ever had an experience of the kabaka’s birthday run!

Kampala and the rest of Uganda’ s streets are always full of happy people dressed up in red running for a cause. The 2019 Kabaka’s birthday run was aimed at the fight against sickle cell as well as creating awareness and raising funds to treat the patients with it. The Kabaka of the Buganda kingdom His Royal Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is always excited about the event as he sets off people that run different distances

It’s always a good experience.

Everybody deserves a healthy and happy life.

Spreading love is cost less but so gainful. You can never know the hearts you are touching and lives you are changing.

Some times it’s only a smile that you are going to put on someone’s face that is going to contribute to one’s health. Cancer is one terrifying disease and the patients tend to loose even the small hope of recovering.

I am hear to preach love and remind them, it’s never the end of the road. You can beat cancer.